Electrical Safety
in Your Work Place

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  • Rules for Electrical Safety
    • Think about every job before beginning.
    • Be aware of all energized electrical parts.
    • Test and re-test every conductor, before you touch.
    • Use only non-conductive ladders around electrical equipment.
    • Use personal protective equipment at all times.
    • Use the right tools for the job.
    • Plan for problems. Make sure you have emergency numbers available.
    • Be sure you are properly trained and qualified for the job.

  • Electric Shock
    • Electrical shock occurs when the body comes in contact with the flow of electricity.
    • Accidental contact with electricity can cause a multitude of health complications varying from minor tingling to internal organ damage, burns and even death.
    • Direct contact with electricity should be avoided at all times.

  • Job Site Conditions
    • Make sure that the site is clear from debris and free from other trip hazards.
    • Make sure all electrical guards are properly in place.
    • Report any improper conditions.
    • Avoid using electrical tools in wet conditions.
    • Use GFCI circuit protection at all times.

  • Working on Energized Equipment
    • Treat all electrical systems or equipment as energized until proper lock-out / tag-out (LOTO) procedures have been performed.
    • Make sure to apply a lock and tag on electrical equipment during a lock-out/tag-out.
    • Verify that the voltage is not present before continuing work.
    • Never attempt to bypass or energize a system with a lock without checking with the person who placed the lock and tag.

  • Other Safe Work Practices
    • Never reach blindly into a electrical cabinet.
    • Properly light all areas of work.
    • Know lock-out and tag-out (LOTO) procedures.
    • Respect the potential electrical hazard.

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Common Causes of Electrical Shock
  • Failure to lock-out electrical systems for maintenance and repairs;
  • Failure to ground;
  • Defective equipment and lines;
  • Wet electrical equipment;
  • Frayed extension cords.

Shock victims must be removed immediately from the source of electricity. Although your first instinct may lead you to grab the victim, DO NOT!

This type of hasty action could cost you your life. Instead, to protect yourself from shock, turn off the electricity before touching the victim.

If you can't turn the electricity off, use a non-conductive tool, such as a rope or wooden stick, to move the person away from the electrical source, then call for help.
Below are the effects of contact with 60hz 120VAC current.
  1. 1 Milliamp: Usually harmless, but, the slight tingling or involuntary movement to the shock can cause you to lose your balance and fall.
  2. 5-15 Milliamps: May result in loss of muscle control.
  3. 75-300milliamps: Strong enough to cause death.
  4. 2.5 amps: Can cause internal organ damage and internal and external burns. Cardiac arrest and respiratory failure may occur.




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