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Do You Know The Most Crucial Factor Relating To Your Business Success?

You deserve to know, so I'll tell you the answer first.

It's this simple.

You must be able to deliver your product at the time you promise
and in the condition you promise it.

Want proof?

Do you listen when a customer calls to complain? What are they complaining about? Either you didn't get it there on time, or it was damaged. Correct? Oh, they may use other words, just the same, it's either you didn't get it there on time, or it was damaged.

Do you like living on the edge? Taking chances? Risking it all? That's fine when you're enjoying a vacation and trying to relieve the stress of your work, but it s  t  r  e  t  c  h  e  s anyone's imagination to believe that the risk involved in entrepreneurship involves taking a gamble with your production line! This is just not the area for risk!

You don't have to take this risk. Today, you have choices. 

Sudden failure of electrical equipment happens only .01% of the time. 99.99% of the time, failure occurs gradually. You will probably miss all the signs.

Then one day, in the height of production, you have "sudden failure?" Don't be concerned though, because "sudden failure" only happens a very small percentage of the time. And don't torture yourself because we have your solutions. 

Let me put it this way.

When ball player number one comes to the plate and the pitch is in his sweet spot, his timing is right, and his swing is level, 95% of the time he will hit a home run. This is not chance, this is not risk, and this is just the game.

When ball player number two comes to the plate with all the identical conditions, but he has a hair-line fracture in his bat, 100% of the time his bat will break and he will be thrown out at first. This is not chance, this is not risk, and this is also the game.

Everything is impossible to tell apart, except for one, small, and unnoticed factor - a hairline fracture.

If only ball player number two could have scanned his bat first to see if it was okay. He could have switched bats and hit the home run also.

I'm sure you would like to be ball player number one rather than ball player number two. Because you have this option for your production line, you never have to go to bat as ballplayer number two.

You need this now, so why wait? Reserve time today for a thermo-graphic (infra-red) scan of your manufacturing facility. You can avoid the pitfalls of "sudden electrical failure" by being proactive. Make the decision now while this is fresh on your mind.

Pick up your and call Globus Electric Inc. today. 973-761-1126 and see what our current clients say.

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