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How Much Energy From Over Production Of Lighting Levels
Do You Waste Each Month?

If your present facilities include work areas or warehousing with sporadically used spaces, bi-level HID lighting fixtures, which respond to occupancy sensors, can be a very effective energy conservation solution.

Typical of many lighting applications, after hours or when your space is unoccupied, your lighting remains at the same level 24 hours a day. Your dollar savings from switching to energy efficient HID lighting is never fully realized.

With these new systems, your lighting will remain at an energy-saving level, which might be at 50 percent or less illumination. Then during business hours or whenever motion is detected, the lights automatically power up to full brightness.

In commercial, industrial, and institutional outdoor settings, this same bi-level lighting can provide increased energy efficient security, safety, or comfort lighting as each need arises .

Here's an example:

Each bi-level controlled HID fixture incorporates an auto-regulator ballast. Your light levels are controlled either automatically, with a motion detector, or manually, with a time clock or high/low switch.

In the automatic operation, when no motion is detected, a control signal keeps your fixtures operating at a lower wattage. When your sensor detects movement, the motion detector releases the control signal. This causes your fixtures to default to the higher light levels. Another plus - only the fixtures in the area of movement increase. All others remain in the lower light levels. A field adjustable timer allows for setting the duration that the higher wattage remains on after motion ceases.

To control your production area, timers and high/low switching is better. As shifts change, or floor areas are needed, more fixtures can be turned to the higher levels. The lower levels can be used for maneuvering, machine set-up, or staging material.

You will have no need to constantly produce the high light levels which are only needed for your most critical tasks. And, this can all be done automatically as each task or occupant is added.

Presently, manufacturers offer bi-level control for selected fixtures running metal halide (MH) lamps and high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps within various wattage ranges. Many present fixtures have retrofit capabilities.

Your typical 400 watt metal halide high or low bay fixture will reduce wattage consumption by 48 percent when operating in low mode. A tremendous savings on your utility bill.

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