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Are You Aware Of The Potential Risk From A Lightning Strike?

The obvious target for a bolt of lightning is the tallest building structure in the area, or a television antennae in an open field.

However, less noticeable, and equally important targets are power stations, substations, and transformer stations, flammable liquid and chemical storage areas, grain storage facilities, hospitals, buildings containing telecommunication and computer equipment, and historic structures.

The objective of lightning protection is to give all areas of your building equal protection in the event an errant cloud of negative ions overhead produces a strike.

When this does occur, the initial step of your system is to capture the discharge, which is capable of producing 40,000Amps and 50,000 degrees centigrade, and move it along an enclosed air terminal path.

The charge is then diverted to one or more of a series of down conductors that will provide an insulated path to ground. At the ground level, reference grids or ground rods are installed and bonded together to the appropriate protection devices to dissipate the charge into the ground over a large area.

Additionally, your main service power entry points must be protected with surge protection. Furthermore, your low voltage data and control lines must also be protected so that you don't fry your computer and telephone systems.

Anyone can stretch a wire to a ground rod. What we do is design and install the system that your facility needs.

You're ready to make the commitment for better safety and protection, so why wait?

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