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Before You Have A Production Line Motor Failure
Have You Thought About Whether You Will
Repair or Replace That Motor?

The surest way to avoid hasty, inconsistent decisions for any critical motor failure is to have your reaction plan ready.

Whether you are presently developing your plan or already have one in place, your most important factor to consider for repairing or replacing will be downtime. Other variables such as type, size, age, the maintenance history, and special electrical needs will also figure in your cost difference  to repair or replace a motor, though downtime is your most important.

Production line downtime should be your key consideration during any motor system failure.

The reality of motor failure is best dealt with by planning ahead. Maintain a log for the types and sizes of motors operating your most critical lines. Wherever possible, keep an inventory of hard to get motors for a quick replacement.

Since many companies cannot afford to keep a large inventory, it is very important to keep a detailed list of these motors and when they were last serviced or replaced. This information becomes extremely important when you call your service contractor.

Size and type of motor, stock availability, and the schedule of your contractor all play a roll in determining whether repair or replacement is faster and which is a better value.

When time is critical and a fast turnaround is needed, let your contractor know. It generally takes three to five days to repair 1Hp to 200Hp motors. Letting the shop know immediately can often shorten this time.

Most general purpose motors under 100Hp are stock items, if you choose to replace. Rush orders for motors in the 100Hp to 500Hp range can usually be delivered in two to four days. Special motors and those over 500Hp may take several weeks.

Reputable service centers are sensitive to their clients' needs and will work hard to get critical repairs done quickly. They do this without cutting corners and never compromise quality for speed.

The reliability of rewound motors vs. new motors is another key consideration.

It's reasonable to ask if your rewound motor is as good as a new one. Although this issue has never been addressed specifically, the quality materials and workmanship that go into rewound motors usually surpasses manufacturers design specifications.

To increase the reliability of rewound motors, most service centers increase the insulation components to a higher temperature class than the original. This increased temperature rating reduces early failure.

Additional quality measures used today include premium magnet wire, precision balancing, epoxy treatments, high temperature lubricants, and better grade bearings. Also, extensive testing and quality assurance programs ensure your rewound motor works as efficiently as or better than new equipment.

Remember too, there are application considerations.

Analyze speed/torque requirements before replacing your motors to ensure required performance. Check to see if special couplings or mounts are needed if you replace a motor with a new one or even one from inventory.

Before making your decision, don't forget operating costs and motor efficiency.

Consider both the efficiency of your existing motor and the replacement, your utility rates, and your hours of operation. When calculating the payback based on differences between repair and replace, think also about any modifications that might be needed. Also remember - if utility rates are low, payback will take longer.

Knowing as much as you can about your motor system application requirements and your operating environment makes good sense. And when you call in your service request, let our office know this information.

Develop your repair/replace policy before you have a serious problem. Planning ahead assures you will make the right decision and reduce downtime.

You're ready to make the commitment for better safety and protection, so why wait?

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