A Reminder From: Globus Electric Inc.

Expansions have you to the walls?
Contractions have you in a store room?
Is your present space too big or too little?
Are you getting ready to relocate?

Would you like to get through this, without stress, as easy as one, two, three?

Probably the biggest problem your business will face when you move is not knowing exactly what your electrical needs are and if the new space can handle all your requirements.

Be happy, don't worry! Did you know you could call Globus Electric for a "Site Survey" before you move? This survey will tell you how you're going to fit into your new space - electrically.

One, we'll come to where you are now and confirm your present electrical needs. We'll include requirements for any new equipment you are adding, or exclude whatever you are throwing out, and give you your net requirements.

Two, we'll go to your suspected new digs and survey the electrical supply system. If it doesn't meet your needs, we'll let you know what's required; if it does, so much the better.

Three, we'll go over your new equipment floor plan to make sure the electric is located where you actually need it. Where it's not, we'll have everything ready by the time you move in and then connect your equipment and get you back to production on moving day.

If you have been tasked to manage your company's relocation, you are undoubtedly expected to accomplish this within budget and on time. You are probably given little, if any, help and a too-skimpy budget. In other words, you are expected to perform miracles. Moreover, all this is in addition to your regular job! 

You're ready to make the commitment for a quicker and better-prepared move, so why wait?

Pick up your today and call Globus Electric Inc. for a No Obligation Consultation and Price Quote.

Still not convinced? Here's a "to do" list to help with everything during your move.

Do you know someone who is about to move and needs some help? You certainly may forward this, and thank you.

". . . you can have Service or Excuses, we give Service!"

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