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How Much Do You Pay for Your Production Interruption Insurance?

Chances are, it's probably too much.

Either you'll never use it, a good thing, or you'll need it after your equipment breaks and production halts.

Sure, if you have an emergency that causes an interruption, after your deductible you may get some money.

Now think about your customers who had to wait.

If they were pressed for time, maybe they found another supplier - your competitor.

Furthermore, maybe your competition took advantage of your situation and gave them a good price break.

Now, they're buying from your competition regularly.

This is looking forward on the dark side.

Here's looking forward on the bright side.

You receive this email and immediately call Globus Electric to come in and perform an infrared scan of all your equipment.

Reading the report, a few "hot spots" are recognized.

Loose connections, corroded terminals, a bad switch.

Everything is fixed immediately and you don't loose production time.

Your equipment is rescued from the damage power spikes can cause.

Sounds easy, doesn't it?

It's as easy as picking up your phone.

You're ready to make the commitment for better safety and protection, so why wait?

Pick up your today and call Globus Electric Inc. for a No Obligation Consultation and Price Quote.

". . . you can have Service or Excuses, we give Service!"

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