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Will Improving Your Lighting Reduce Worker Fatigue and Compensation Claims?

Turn your lights down just a bit and read your newspaper or magazine.

How much can you read before you get tired?

Not your eyes, your whole body.

If you're typical of current research subjects, you won't make it through the first section.

Now picture your work space lighting and how your employees feel.

When workers get tired, they just don't perform at optimum levels.

This ends up being a double-edged sword because now they are also subject to more accidents.

You end up with your employees working slower and with more mistakes.

Additionally, you have a reduced workforce due to increased compensation claims, plus less production.

You can avoid all this by upgrading your lighting today.

Actually, your fluorescent lamps may be on, but if they're over 12 months old, you are paying the same electric dollar for less illumination.

If you are presently noticing any of the above symptoms in your employees, your lighting is probably at fault.

With all the advancements in lighting technology and lighting controls, there are many ways for you to increase production and help your employees.

You're ready to make the commitment for better safety and protection, so why wait?

Pick up your today and call Globus Electric Inc. for a No Obligation Consultation and Price Quote.

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