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Are You Paying More Now For Your Electrical Service Calls and Enjoying Them Less?

Do you remember a time when you had an electrical failure, you called an electrician, and you're problem was fixed on the very first call that the electrician made?

You would like to have one of "those days" today, wouldn't you?

It's great to know that when you have electrical problems you have someone to call who knows what is causing your problem. A electrician who fixes the cause of your problem the first time, every time, and that problem is actually fixed.

Globus Electric Inc. is the one you want to call to satisfy all your needs. The one who knows your specific industry and how to fix your specific problems.

And you won't have to be sitting down when you get your bill.
"Pssst, this contractor hasn't raised his labor charge since 1999"

Globus Electric Inc. was started in 1945 by Bert B. Globus. The same standards: a quick response to the customers call, a knowledgeable and professional staff of electricians, and quality workmanship, remain the benchmark for this company.

Every emergency call delivers an electrical journeyman to your site within an hour. An electrical journeyman who knows what your specific problems are. An electrical journeyman who works in your industry.

Look through the long list of customers that have been served over the past sixty-four years, plus. Some of these customers are still in business and getting the same service as they did on day one.

Pick up your and call Globus Electric Inc. today at 973-761-1126. Or click and see what our current clients say.

". . . you can have Service or Excuses, we give Service!"

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