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When Your Circuit Breakers Trip Do You Just Reset Them?

If you're like most people in business, when your circuit breaker trips, you reset it. You go about your business relaxed, feeling that another disaster has been avoided. But do you ever check to see WHY that circuit breaker tripped? Do you even care, just as long as it resets?

A little know fact is that,

"Circuit breakers are not meant to protect your equipment."

Circuit breakers are only meant to protect the wiring and connectors supplying the power to your equipment, which otherwise would be defenseless.

A tripped circuit breaker is telling you that something is wrong. That there has been a "serious electrical event." Just resetting the tripped breaker is not a wise idea. You must look further to locate the source of this event.

If you have ever tried to reset a circuit breaker and it has still not held, you have what is called a short, a ground, or a locked-up piece of equipment. These are easy to spot.

A short or ground will cause your circuit breaker to trip through its magnetic protection.

A short is two or more wires touching each other. This causes the voltage to "short circuit" between two hot wires or back through the neutral wire.

A ground occurs when one or more hot wires ground to the equipment case or back to earth ground.

A locked-up piece of equipment will cause the thermal overload trip of your circuit breaker. Current will pass through your circuit breaker, and since it is not being used - remember the equipment is locked - heat will build up and cause the thermal overload to trip the breaker.

In any of these situations, Globus Electric will easily find the cause and will be able to repair the problem. These faults are fairly noticeable.

Your bigger problems arise when you CAN reset your circuit breaker easily. You breathe a sigh of relief and continue on with your day. You never consider that your equipment has just gone through a

"Serious Electrical Event."

A result of a series of minor failures, or situations, none of which alone could have caused an accident, can all contribute to a situation where your plant burns down. At some time in the future, the results of this will be described as,

"A Long Series of Events That Had to Happen to Cause This Tragedy."

A good Preventative Maintenance program, coupled with annual Infrared Scanning, would go a long way in protecting your facilities.

Better protection for your equipment could also be installed. The best solution would be to locate fuses that blow when your equipment goes over the manufacturers power level for proper functioning.

Good facts to know about fuses are:
  • Fuses can be rated closer to the actual amount of current that should be used by your equipment.
  • Fuses only "blow" one time and must be replaced. You cannot reset them. You get new protection every time.
  • Fuses can be installed at each electrical component of your equipment making it easier to spot the problem.
You're ready to receive better service and protection, today. So pick up your and call Globus Electric Inc. now for a free maintenance consultation. And breathe your sigh of relief in earnest.

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