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How Important Is The Safe And Continuous Operation Of Your Production Equipment?

Winter is on the way.

Does your company practice preventative maintenance?
Would electrical service failure be disastrous for your company?
Would you like to lower your electric bills?

Have you ever thought about Preventative Maintenance as the least expensive insurance policy for the uninterrupted operation of your business?

With proper maintenance of costly equipment, your company will:

  • Avoid disastrous electrical service failures;
  • Avert catastrophic equipment failures;
  • Reduce electric bills;
  • Qualify for insurance company discounts.

We protect your valuable equipment with our Preventative Maintenance Service Program. Many companies depend on us to monitor and maintain their primary service, general electrical service, and their expensive production lines.

Check with your insurance company - The Preventative Maintenance Service Program from Globus Electric may qualify you for insurance discounts.

Our service experts will . . .
  • Perform an Infrared Thermo-graphic scan of all electrical equipment to find dangerous hot-spots.
  • Remove the dust, dirt, and debris from inside your Panels, Disconnect Switches, and Motor Controllers.
  • Visually inspect and tighten any loose connections and terminations on Circuit Breakers, Fuses, and Motor Controllers.
  • Perform lighting maintenance as required.
  • Furnish a certified written report upon completion.

You are ready to make the commitment for better safety and protection, so why wait?

Pick up your today and call Globus Electric Inc. for a Free Consultation and No Obligation price quote.

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