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Scheduled maintenance of plant and machinery is essential to keeping your equipment in efficient working order thus satisfying both OSHA safety legislation and internal productivity requirements.

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Your professionally designed Preventative Maintenance Plan will help reduce the risk of unforeseen electrical or mechanical machinery failure.

  • Your fully comprehensive programs include:
    • Pre-planned Preventive Maintenance;
    • Priority Condition Based;
    • Breakdown-rebuild Maintenance;

  • Programs are tailored to meet your specific requirements and may include some or all of the following:
    • Annual Maintenance Schedule;
    • Regular Service Recalls;
    • Itemized Cost and History Records;
    • Measured Cost Savings;
    • Maintenance Budget Management;
    • Out of Hours Maintenance (weekends / nights / annual shutdown);

  • With proper maintenance of costly equipment, your company will:
    • Avoid disastrous electrical service failures;
    • Avert catastrophic equipment failures;
    • Reduce electric bills;
    • Possibly qualify for insurance company discounts.

  • Your service expert will . . .
    • Perform an Infrared Thermo-graphic scan of all your electrical equipment to find dangerous hot-spots.
    • Remove the dust, dirt, and debris from inside your Panels, Disconnect Switches, and Motor Controllers.
    • Visually inspect and tighten any loose connections and terminations on Circuit Breakers, Fuses, and Motor Controllers.
    • Perform lighting maintenance as required.
    • Furnish a certified written report upon completion.

  • With Globus Electric Inc, all your PM needs are met by:

    • Experienced Electrical Journeymen Available 24 Hours a Day, 365 Days a Year;
    • Time & Materials, Per Job, Not to Exceed, or Contract Price Basis;
    • 24 Hour Access to All Major Suppliers;
    • Customized Service Contracts to Cover Breakdown and Planned Maintenance;
    • State-of-the-Art Circuit Tracing Equipment;
    • Infra-red Heat Scanning Equipment;
    • Power Monitoring Equipment;
    • All Areas of Industry Trouble-shooting and Maintenance;
    • Emergency Power Generators for Life Safety Facilities and Production Lines.

Your valuable equipment is protected with your Preventative Maintenance Service Program. Many companies depend on us to monitor and maintain their primary service, general electrical service, and their expensive production lines.


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A Friendly Reminder From Globus Electric Inc. Preventative Maintenance will catch your problems before they cost you time.

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