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Recently, federal, state, and local regulations
took effect that changes
newark nj, hillside nj, elizabeth nj, jersey city nj
the way you dispose of mercury and
mercury containing products.
We offer pick-up and disposal of the following:

-Straight - Compact - u-shape and Circular Fluorescent Lamps
-High Intensity Discharge (HID) Lamps
-Neon Lamps - Shatterproof and Other Specialty Lamps

-PCB Ballasts - Non-PCB Ballasts

-Dry Cell: Including AAA, AA, C, and D
-Mercury - Nickel - Cadmium - Magnesium - Nickel Metal Hydride - Alkaline
- Iron - Zinc Carbon - Silver - Lithium Ion, Mercury, Nickel, Cadmium

-Monitors - Personal Computers - Computer Components: e.g. Printers/Faxes/Copiers
-Mainframes - Servers - Peripherals - Computer Electronics - Telephone Systems
-Medical Equipment - Office Equipment - Generators - Wire - Motors

-Thermometers - Thermostats - Medical Apparatus - Dental Amalgam

Be proactive; setup a program today,
to recycle your facility's mercury containing items.

Can you afford to wait? Call us now. 973-923-0400.

Green energy today,

newark nj, hillside nj, elizabeth nj, jersey city nj

for a blue sky tomorrow!

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